Notable Developmental Milestones part 2

September 28, 2016


Last week we took a look at some of the developmental milestones from birth to two that might be observed at home or in a story time setting. This week we'd like to share some milestones to look out for for ages two and three.


Year 2


Read: Points to object/picture when it’s named - recognizing the relationship between objects and their names builds understanding of words when reading.


Write: Scribbles on his or her own - scribbles are the beginnings of writing and build the skills necessary to form letters and words.

Sing: Repeats words overheard in conversation - the slower a word is said, the easier it is to be understood. When children repeat words in a song, they are learning all of the sounds that make up the word and are better able to replicate it in their own speech.


Talk: Begins using simple words and phrases - talking to children in longer sentences builds the length of the children’s sentences, as well.


Play: Begins make-believe play - creating stories is just as important as reading them.



Year 3


Read: Turn the page of a book - these fine motor skills are imperative for reading books as a child ages.


Write: Enjoys fingerplays - fingerplays build strength in hands and fingers to be used later in writing.


Sing: Listens carefully to the tone of words - tonal quality tunes children into emotions, and these sensitivities can be increased by listening to musical inflection.


Talk: Can talk about what happened earlier or will happen tomorrow - the more practice children have with sharing ideas verbally, the better they will be at speaking and communicating.

Play: Begins to organize objects - organizing physical things leads to the skills necessary to organize words and thoughts into sentences.




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