Early Literacy Resources Part 2: Vroom

In week two of our early literacy resource share we’d like to highlight another resource that focuses on the brain of a young child, Vroom.

Science is key to Vroom, the science of a child’s brain. While you may not be able to see into it, a child’s brain works at a much faster pace than do most adult brains. The brain develops more rapidly during the first five years of life than at any other time. Vroom wants to help you make the most of these years, while understanding that most parents and caregivers already have lots to juggle.

Their focus is on what they call the “5 Brain Building Basics”;

  1. Look - See what your child is interested in.

  2. Follow - Take your cues from them and let them lead.

  3. Chat - Even if it's nonsensical.... let them talk and talk back. Share your language with them.

  4. Take Turns - We all need to learn the art of conversation, the back and forth flow; start here.

  5. Stretch - By taking turns and asking questions you can stretch your interaction helping them to lead the way to a new idea.

These skills are designed to help you make the most of the moments you already have, not add more to your plate.

The website boasts prescripted activities, a place to build your own activities, an app you can download to your apple or android device and a playbook to help you take Vroom out into your community.

Vroom; make any moment a brain building moment.

For more details on the "5 Brain Building Basics" and the science behind them checkout, http://www.joinvroom.org/.

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