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It can be easy to fall into a story time rut... we all have tried and true themes and books/crafts to go along with them. After several years, it seems like you don't really have to plan anymore- you've done this before! However, that can get boring- how many times can you read about apples right? Recently I went wandering on the web and found some great resources for fresh ideas.

Storytime Katie-

This blog is amazing- not just for finding new ideas but also for refreshing themes that you already do. There are over 100 themes, she has a vast amount of songs, flannel boards and other resources. She also details how each theme went. For anyone just starting out with story time, or even a verteran, this is a great place to start.


These two Canadian librarians have some great stuff! If you are looking to add songs/fingerplays to your story times, they have a ton of YouTube links so you'll no longer have to make up the tune to "5 little ducks"! There are also great professional development resources on their site!.

Never Shushed-

Claudia Haines has a great blog with tons of youth services program ideas, however here I'd like to highlight her toddler story time ideas. Toddler time looks way diffrent than you average preschool story time and getting a fresh idea on how others are doing it can really help. Claudia has over 20 themes each with songs, book, and a play by play of how it went.

Hopefully this has inspired you to get out of the box and look for something new. I recently heeded my own advice and did an all elephant story time- including an elephant with a party blower for the trunk as our craft. I have to say that it was the best story time I've had all year! Different can be scary, but with the help of these great bloggers, it doesn't have to be!

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