StoryBlocks: Don't Miss Out!

Have you checked out This collaborative project of CLEL and Rocky Mountain PBS is a gold mine of songs, lap bounces, fingerplays and more--in 9 languages!

Here are some ideas to get you started making the most of this resource.

Smarten up your storytime

Are you tired of your go-to rhymes and songs? Have you been asked to start a baby storytime from scratch, or add preschool readaloud to your busy workday? Storyblocks allows you to filter by age group (babies birth to two, toddlers, and preschoolers) to find new songs and rhymes to bolster your repertoire.

Connect with immigrant families and bilingual parents

Encouraging parents to connect with their children in the parents’ own first language can be tricky if you don’t know the language yourself and resources are not abundant. Storyblocks has a wealth of Spanish songs and rhymes, several in Vietnamese, and at least one each in Amharic, Arabic, American Sign Language, French, Italian, and Russian. The mobile-friendly site is easy to share with caregivers.

Practice a new language

Are you an adult language learner yourself? If you are learning a language that you think is of interest to your storytime families, Storyblocks can help you add a song or rhyme in that language to your storytimes.

Practice fine motor

Several Storyblocks chants, whether or not they are listed as ASL, are accompanied by signs that represent words for that chant. Learning these signs and teaching them to your little friends is not just exposure to another language--it also encourages the development of the fine motor skills they will need for holding scissors, pencils, and more.

Watch on youtube or!

In addition to their own website, you can also find the videos at this youtube playlist.

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