Storytime Underground

CLEL is excited to be the local chapter representative of Storytime Underground in Colorado.

Storytime Underground is a national organization that supports library staff in their efforts to creatively spread the message and benefits of early literacy. Storytime Underground offers staff development opportunities, the sharing of ideas and resources through blogs and Facebook, and Guerrilla Storytimes across the country.


As their mission states, “Literacy is not a luxury. To survive and thrive, a democracy needs a literate populace and we, the army of Children’s Librarians, are the front lines in the battle to deliver literacy to everyone.”


CLEL is looking forward to working with Storytime Underground to help bring more opportunities for training and collaboration to CLEL members. For more information, visit

CLEL joined forces with Storytime Underground in 2016. Please click the links below for notes from our Guerrilla Storytimes and other events!