Update: CO SB22-004

On February 10, members of the CLEL Steering Committee testified before the Colorado Senate Education Committee on SB22-004: Evidence-based Training In Science of Reading.* 

CLEL asked that the committee either remove libraries from the bill or postpone it and meet with all relevant library stakeholders to write an amendment with greater consideration given to particular logistical, financial, and philosophical concerns.

After testimony and discussion the committee passed the bill unanimously and agreed to two key amendments related to libraries.** The bill now encourages, but does not require, that librarians receive training in the science of reading. Additionally, the committee agreed the bill’s language should read that each director “may” rather than “shall” provide a plan to the state library about how the library will support literacy through the science of reading.

*In addition, individuals from the CAL Legislative Committee and CAL Executive board testified at the hearing. Those two CAL groups also submitted statements to the Senate Education Committee and worked with the CAL lobbyists to counter the amendments put out by the bill sponsors, incorporating points brought up by the CLEL Steering Committee statement as they did so. 

**Amendments passed in committee are not incorporated into the measure unless adopted by the full House or Senate.

What’s next?

  • The bill now continues on to Appropriations. Follow continued progress of the bill here.
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  • If you are looking for more background on this issue, visit our Advocacy page.
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