It's hard to find anything much better and more fun than a library storytime visit in an early childhood classroom. Yep. We agree. And, in our quest for widespread reading readiness before kids get to kindergarten, the Arapahoe Libraries Child & Family Library Services department wondered if we could make an even greater difference through those fun storytime visits. We wondered how we might truly create a deeper and more lasting early literacy impact in our community. Our theory: We could indeed make a big impact if we share literacy enhanced storytime secrets more intentionally with teachers. We know that children's librarians are awesome and have a lot of expertise to offer. We know that

Thinking Outside the Picture Book Box: Graphic Novels for Reading Aloud

There are so many fantastic picture books being published every year that it might seem like overkill to want to talk about finding readalouds (for storytime or just to send home with a customer) in other sections of the library. But having some go-to titles from the graphic novel section can shake up your storytime, improve your little-kid reader’s advisory, and help get the right book into a pair of small hands. The graphic novel format actually has some built-in advantages for little learners. Graphic novels tend to have strong sequential narration emphasized by their panels, which helps children understand the parts of a story. Ample visual context clues may benefit preschoolers who are

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