StoryBlocks: Don't Miss Out!

Have you checked out This collaborative project of CLEL and Rocky Mountain PBS is a gold mine of songs, lap bounces, fingerplays and more--in 9 languages! Here are some ideas to get you started making the most of this resource. Smarten up your storytime Are you tired of your go-to rhymes and songs? Have you been asked to start a baby storytime from scratch, or add preschool readaloud to your busy workday? Storyblocks allows you to filter by age group (babies birth to two, toddlers, and preschoolers) to find new songs and rhymes to bolster your repertoire. Connect with immigrant families and bilingual parents Encouraging parents to connect with their children in the parents’

CLEL Bell 2019 Committee Members Announced!

We are happy to announce the committee members for the 2019 CLEL Bell Picture Book Award Committee: Leigh Ramey, Aurora Public Library; Dawn Guest, Fort Worth Public Library; Erin Richards, Arapahoe Library District; Ashleigh Finn, Graland Country Day School; Susan Dunn, Broomfield Library; Michele Whitley, Arapahoe Library District; Megan Fields, Englewood Public Library; Vera Atilano, Denver Public Library; SarahEllen Hickle, Pikes Peak Library District; Laura Burge, Douglas County Libraries; Leslie Hauschildt, Jefferson County Public Library. The committee is co-chaired by Kimberly Powers, Englewood Public Library and Alicia Griebel, Pueblo City-County Library District. Thank you to all t

What My Kids Taught Me About Learning To Read

Library professionals who work with young kids know all about getting ready to read. Recognizing shapes is a step toward recognizing letters! Play with the sounds of language! Finger paint with shaving cream for fine motor skills! Have fun! As a librarian with small kids at home, we dutifully did those things. We painted with water on the sidewalk, I made up songs with their names, I read them the same book every day indefinitely. It was fun. And then they started school. And when being ready to read turned into learning to read, I was frankly surprised by, well, how hard it is, and how unprepared I was. It starts slow And I mean slow. If you are imagining classic early readers like Little B

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