So You Think You Can’t Sing

Singing may be one of the five core practices of Every Child Ready to Read 2.0, but not everyone may feel comfortable singing in front of a crowd. Of course, folks who don’t love their voice can often make the most impact on parents. If we as professionals are willing to sing in front of a crowd, and remind caregivers how much their children love hearing their voice, they’re apt to feel much more confident with singing out loud. But it’s fun to sing along with recorded music, too, and there are some great songs out there to use! So whether you think you’re a crooner or a croaker, check out the following early literacy tips, and some song ideas to go with them! Animal Sounds Tip: Playing

Now Accepting Award Nominations for CLEL Hero and Rising Star Award

Do you have a colleague who has done outstanding work in early literacy? Please consider nominating this individual for one of our annual CLEL awards. Recipients will receive one free registration to the CLEL conference on Friday, October 12. Please write a few short paragraphs describing your nominee’s work in early literacy and submit it to by Friday, September 14. CLEL HERO AWARD The Hero Award is a career achievement award for outstanding generosity to the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy and/or the support of early literacy in the state of Colorado. CLEL RISING STAR AWARD The Early Literacy Rising Star award will go to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional

When the Library Was a Tattoo Parlor

Inspired by the success of our “book for tat” Facebook advisory program, the Denver Public Library’s Friends Foundation experimented with something very new: a pop-up tattoo event in conjunction with a local business, Certified Tattoo Studio. And they chose the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales branch, where I work, to be its site. Customers could choose a literary-themed tattoo from a set “flash sheet,” or get their favorite Dewey number. (An experienced librarian was in charge of double-checking to make sure no one got the wrong number. How embarrassing would that have been!) The branch staff was excited and more than one got “inked” at this wildly successful event. What I didn’t anticipate was ho

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