Music Help for Streaming Storytime!

CLEL will update this blog post as new information is released. Last updated on 4/22/2020. As social distancing becomes the new norm, many authors, artists and publishers have adapted policies to help schools and libraries meet the needs of their communities. For a list of publisher guidelines on posting virtual read-alouds during this pandemic, please visit this School Library Journal article. Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL) has been reaching out to our beloved storytime song artists and their producers seeking similar broad, temporary permissions on behalf of educators and librarians nationwide. Like the publishing industry, the music industry is responding with various terms,

Family Fun Activities

Let's hear from Lauren, an early literacy librarian! She wants to share some of the activities she's doing at home with her toddlers (almost 3-year-olds). Find things in your home (you don’t have to go out and purchase!) to make engaging activities for the whole family. Dig it up! You'll need at least two bins and something to dig into (sand, dirt, popcorn kernels, birdseed, etc.) plus scoops, measuring cups or large wooden spoons. This is a great way to enhance math skills like measuring, comparing and using small muscles. Hats off to you! Pretend to be at the beach with summer hats, at a baseball game with baseball hats, making a snowman with a warm hat. The activities are limitless! See i

Every Child a Builder

Oh, how I love block play! As a former preschool teacher, I quickly gained a love of blocks not only as a creative outlet, but also as a learning opportunity. I'm also a big advocate of blocks in the library - in programs, in storytimes, even in buckets on the floor! I've been thinking about how the richness of block play could be a part of a storytime skill builder (check - tab on the right). Many libraries have not only chosen to utilize blocks, but added wonderful language supporting parents and caregivers to engage with children as they play. I've seen unit blocks become towers and castles, where children have included puppets to their dramatic play. I've seen roads being built,

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