Music Help for Streaming Storytime!

CLEL will update this blog post as new information is released. Last updated on 4/22/2020.

As social distancing becomes the new norm, many authors, artists and publishers have adapted policies to help schools and libraries meet the needs of their communities. For a list of publisher guidelines on posting virtual read-alouds during this pandemic, please visit this School Library Journal article.

Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (CLEL) has been reaching out to our beloved storytime song artists and their producers seeking similar broad, temporary permissions on behalf of educators and librarians nationwide. Like the publishing industry, the music industry is responding with various terms, and it can be tricky to keep track of them all. Unlike the publishing industry, the music industry has yet to request we avoid specific platforms. Please see below for specifics.

There is some question of whether taking storytime online is a copyright issue at all regardless of the current exigent circumstances. We recommend reviewing the following resources and using your best judgement:

Out of courtesy, consider these general guidelines:

  • Purchasing the artist’s specific works you intend to share.
  • Naming the song title and crediting the artist during your livestream or recording.
  • Linking to the performing artist’s web page or social media in the video credits.
  • Removing content after your library or school reopens to the public.
  • If possible, promoting the artist’s own efforts to support children and families during this time. Many artists are hosting their own virtual concerts!

We also highly recommend using children’s songs in the public domain. Your audience is more likely to be familiar with these songs and will feel confident participating from home! Using recorded songs on social media can also cause your content to be flagged and removed; singing songs from the public domain helps avoid this issue. You can also modify or adapt songs within the public domain without having to obtain permission.

The following artists have given their permission for libraries and educators both state and nationwide to use their work:

Bari Koral

  • Permission to use music for as long as needed and for as long as it serves everyone.
  • Credit to Bari Koral.
  • Please encourage families to watch my kids yoga and mindfulness videos on YouTube when you are not serving them at

Caspar Babypants

Ella Jenkins

Ellen Allard (Peter & Ellen Allard)

Most of the songs used by libraries are from recordings made when Ellen was part of a duo, Peter & Ellen Allard. Therefore, the duo name will be listed on the recordings. Ellen gives permission, free of charge, for the duration of the school and community closures due to COVID-19. Ellen Allard ©80-Z Music

Miss Carole

  • Permission to use music free of charge applies to all recorded works.
  • Remove within 3-6 months
  • Give credit to “Miss Carole” of Macaroni Soup
  • If there will be any printed credits or resources added online or any other way to add my website and contact info:



Social media: Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole

Hap Palmer

  • Permission granted to use music for free in storytimes.
  • Contact in advance with which songs you intend to use.
  • We would like to make a compilation video using only those segments of your video that use our music. Please send a copy or link to a video of your storytime. The best formats are MP4 or MOV (Apple Quick Time Movie).
  • Credit all songs and works used with with the following text:

Words and Music by Hap Palmer

©Hap-Pal Music

Mr. Jon and Friends

Jim Gill


  • Check the video description box and note if Jbrary had to get permission from the author first before using.

Karma Kids Yoga

  • Permission to use the songs from our “Come Play Yoga!” album providing that you give credit.
  • Credit the name of song, name of album, artist and where to find it: iTunes or Spotify.
  • No time limit.
  • Please connect families with

Katherine Dines

  • Permission to use music free of charge applies to all recorded works.
  • Videos may be posted for an initial period of 4 months’ time.
  • Artist kindly requests Licensor/s to copy her on any and all videos made using above works whenever convenient.
  • Credit all songs and works used with the following:

Song title

by Katherine Dines

Kathy Reid-Naiman

  • Permission to use music free of charge for the duration of this crisis.
  • Not all songs belong exclusively to Kathy Reid-Naiman; please check the track’s songwriter credit on the CD before using.
  • Credit the artist and if there is a place, please link to


  • Permission applies to all our works.
  • Any platforms are fine.
  • Permission only applies during the coronavirus only because schools/daycares/libraries are closed and children are at home.
  • Please credit and link to artist.

Kira Willey

  • Permission extended for duration of the crisis.
  • We just ask that clear artist credit is given, along with a link to Kira’s site:
  • If you happen to want to do any mindful moments from Kira’s book, Breathe Like A Bear, you’ll have to follow the publisher’s guidelines here:
  • We would also love to see the video or a snippet of it, so please send it, if possible 🙂

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

  • Go for it!
  • Please credit the artist and link back to the YouTube page.

Laurie Berkner Band

  • Credits should include both song title and band.
  • Permission extends for as long as widespread school and community closures due to COVID-19.

The Learning Groove (Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael)

  • Please show yourself singing/dancing along to the the music, not playing a music video.
  • Give full credit to Eric Litwin and Michael Levine.
  • Do not monetize in any way.
  • For guidelines on sharing Eric Litwin’s books, please see:

The Lucky Band

  • Permission applies to all of the band’s videos and music for the explicit purpose of livestreaming or recording storytimes.
  • Permission granted for 2020.

Nancy Kopman

  • Feel free to use and share music from my Follow Nancy Youtube Channel
  • I also welcome you to download my songs and play them in your classes (you can download directly from my website)…and encourage parents to do the same!
  • I am also happy to arrange for a live music event with you online, if you’d like to discuss a Zoom music experience!
  • I would be grateful for you to tag me on social media and/or direct your families to follow me on Instagram–I announce my own 30 minute live classes there daily.
  • The direct link to my online classes is

Nancy Stewart

  • Libraries may use any of my materials in any way they want. No limits, no strings attached. This is my usual policy, and I’m so happy libraries are using what I’ve built up online for the last nineteen years.
  • I just ask that you cite my website so families and also download the songs and materials at home- and keep sharing!
  • I’ve been doing short nightly bedtime song videos on YouTube… They additionally provide librarians with examples of some of my songs that work well in these virtual storytimes, so they may be useful to them in looking for ideas.

The Pop Ups

  • Use any of our material that you like!
  • We just ask that you credit us and include a link to our socials if you can. @thepopups on facebook and twitter and instagram

Rick Goldin

  • Permission is granted to use music for free in storytimes.
  • “I Like To Read” album on YouTube:
  • “The Sit Down, Stand Up Song” on YouTube:

More at

Tevin and Nichole Hansen

  • Permissions granted to use book, music, and video content until September 30, 2020.
  • Videos may be posted to any social media or web site for a maximum of 6 months
  • Give full credit to Tevin and/or Nichole Hansen,,, or site YouTube or other social media.
  • Photocopies of books and/or illustrations are not allowed. Digital content may be used.

If you are an artist and would like to add your permission to this list, contact us here. If you are a member and would like to suggest an artist, please do so on this Storytime Underground thread.

Please continue to let CLEL know how we can support you during this new and strange time for us all!