The Little Library

by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by G. Brian Karas (Schwartz & Wade Books) Published March 23, 2021 ​ Jake has trouble finding a book to read at his school library, but after talking with the librarian, he takes home a book about woodworking and uses it to help him build a little library.

Rectangle Time

by Pamela Paul and illustrated by Becky Cameron (Philomel Books) Published February 16, 2021 A boy and his caregiver love to read books, but so does the cat! See the boy grow older and how interactions with his cat and books changes over time.

Where Do Words Come From?

by Jeff Zwiers, illustrated by Sr. Reny (Reycraft Books) Published May 28, 2021 ​ Where do words come from? Word-bakeries? Word-factories? No, they come from you! See if you can find letters and words hidden in the illustrations.